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Once a year we have a delivery of the very best of Wheat Montana’s grains, flours, cereals and products. These products are grown in Montana where they have low rainfall, hot days, and cool nights which contribute to the high quality gluten Montana has become famous for.

Learn more about Wheat Montana’s products & what makes each of them so exceptional.

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Wheat Montana’s Products


Bronze Chief® Hard Red Spring Wheat

Bronze Chief® Hard Red Spring Wheat (5 lb bags, 25 lb bags, 50 lb bags, 45 lb pails)
High Protein Hard Red Spring Wheat. This is the wheat that founded our business. Naturally air dried, plump kernels, low moisture, and excellent baking quality. Chemical Free or Organic available. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Prairie Gold® Hard White Spring Wheat

Prairie Gold® Hard White Spring Wheat (5 lb bags, 25 lb bags, 50 lb bags, 45 lb pails)
This is the wheat that started a revolution in bread baking. Since we first started selling Prairie Gold® in 1988, thousands of home, specialty and commercial bakers have discovered the unique characteristics of this grain. Its naturally golden color makes I 00% whole-wheat baked foods that are lighter and sweeter. It is excellent in all bread recipes, cookies, piecrusts and more. Chemical Free or Organic available. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Hard Red Winter Wheat (50 lb bags, 45 lb pails) High protein hard red winter wheat. Comparable to our Bronze Chief® hard red spring wheat. Winter wheat is preferred by many for growing wheat grass. It is also excellent for whole grain bread products. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Soft White Wheat

Soft White Wheat (50 lb bags) Soft white wheat is generally used for cookies, crackers and other baked goods that do not require high gluten content. This grain is lower in protein. It is not intended for making great bread, but it will perform well in most other baking applications. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Cracked Bronze Chief Wheat

Cracked Bronze Chief Wheat (25 and 50 lb bags) Our high protein Hard Red Spring Wheat cracked in half for cereal or baking applications. Certified Chemical Free, GMO Free, Kosher Certified.


Natural WhiteTM Unbleached White Flour

Natural WhiteTM Unbleached White Flour (5 lb bags, 10 lb bags, 50 lb bags) Organic available 50 lb
This is the highest protein unbleached white flour available. You will find it to be the best white baking flour you’ve ever used. Carefully milled to exact specifications and enriched with B-vitamins, niacin and iron. We also add a small amount of malted barley flour to this blend for further enhancement of final product consistency. Whether you are baking at sea level or high altitude, this flour will perform to your highest expectations. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Bronze Chief® Whole Wheat Flour

Bronze Chief® Whole Wheat Flour (5 lb bags, 10 lb bags, 50 lb bags) Organic available 50 lb This is our own Bronze Chief® wheat ground finely, with your baking interests in mind. By milling this flour ourselves we control the speed of the grind. We go slow and make sure that heat gain during the process doesn’t destroy the protein, vitamins or baking quality. We believe that this is the highest quality, traditional, whole-wheat flour available in the world. 100% whole-wheat flour. Chemical Free. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Prairie Gold® Whole Wheat Flour

Prairie Gold® Whole Wheat Flour (5 lb bags, 10 lb bags, 50 lb bags) Organic available 50 lb Literally thousands of bakers have told us that they wouldn’t use anything else. This flour, ground from our Prairie Gold® wheat, will delight you, your family and your customers in every way. It’s so versatile it can be substituted for white flour in some recipes, giving your baked goods unique flavor, plus all of the benefits of whole wheat. 100% wholewheat flour. Chemical Free. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Whole Spelt Flour

Whole Spelt Flour (50 lb bags) Organic available A primitive relative of our present day wheat. Although Spelt contains gluten, many people with wheat allergies or gluten intolerance can tolerate it. Spelt flour can be substituted, in most recipes, for whole-wheat flour. Chemical Free. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Whole Grain Pastry Flour

Whole Grain Pastry Flour (50 lb bags) This whole grain flour is a great option for a healthy version of cookies, pie crusts, pizza crust, cakes and other pastry items. GMO Free, Kosher Certified.

Specialty Grain

Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats (50 lb bags) Rolled oats have been and continue to be, a mainstay in the modern diet. High in healthy fiber, nutrition and made more versatile and digestible by the rolling process. Our rolled oats are table grade resulting from the flaking of cleaned, steamed groats. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Oat Groats

Oat Groats (50 lb bags) By groating the kernel, we remove the hull, leaving just the most palatable part. Our oat groats are soft, chewy and packed full of flavor. Oats are among the most nutritionally beneficial grains available today. Our groats are produced from select, sound, clean, hulled, heavy test weight, white oats. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Steel Cut Oat Groats

Steel Cut Oat Groats (50 lb bags) A great old fashioned cereal with a hearty flavor and crunchier texture than rolled oats. GMO Free, Kosher Certified.

Whole 7-Grain Mix

Whole 7-Grain Mix (25 lb bags) This unique blend of seven whole grains covers all of the bases. Protein, Nutrition, Vitamins, Fiber and Flavor. Made from a hearty combination of hard wheat, soft wheat, triticale, tye, oats, pearled barley and spelt. You can use it whole, soak it, crack it, or grind flour suitable for baking. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Rolled 7-Grain Mix

Rolled 7-Grain Mix (50 lb bags) It’s so easily digestible; you can eat it by the handfuls right out of the bag. You ’11 enjoy these rolled flakes either as a bread ingredient, topping, or cereal (cold or hot). We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of bags of this mix to customers across the nation that continue to find new uses for one of our most versatile and popular products. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Cracked 9-Grain Mix

Similar to our 7-Grain Mix with the addition of durum wheat and brown flax seed. Most folks report a nuttier flavor with this unique blend. Bakeries usually like this one better. GMO Free. Kosher Certified.

Golden Flax Seed

Golden Flax Seed (25 lb bags) Golden Flax seed has the natural properties of fiber, lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids that provide preventative and restorative abilities to your diet. GMO Free.

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